DIRECTOR message

Director Message

A Few words from the Director:

“The children are the future of any country, but I believe that the children are the future of the world.”

The world which has changed drastically over last 10 years. Our next generation will have to face a lot of challenging global issues like global warming, poverty, inequality, corruption, climate change, destruction of natural resources, etc. so, it is a necessity rather than a luxury, that we should prepare our children to face these challenges. Now, it is time that schools should take up this responsibility to make their children globally competent & prepare them is such a way that rather than surrendering to situations, they should be able to face the situation boldly & wisely.

With this vision, we laid the foundation of Magadham International School in 2016. The name Magadham comes from the word “Magha and Dham” ‘Magha’ means ‘Great’ and ‘Dham’ means ‘Place’ which makes it a “Great Place”. This “Great Place”for education is all geared up in preparing future leaders of this country. The school’s pedagogy balanced with global values will be supported in equal measure to ensure school’s standing in the Best School of country.

In 2019, Magadham International School got awarded with prestigious International School Award from British Council making us the first school in Vidisha to receive it. After years of Hardwork, we are now able to call ourselves truly International.

Mr. Somil Palod